About Doug Kuett

I subscribe to the whole man theory as put forth by Thomas Jefferson.

Every human being is a mixed bag: enlightenment and blind prejudice, generosity and narcissism, benevolence and malevolence, good day and bad day, clarity and blind spot, outstanding in some ways, deplorable in others.

None of us are one thing. A doctor is a son or daughter but also a bicyclist or sculptor. An office administrator is also a singer in a local band and a mom. An Army officer is also the owner of a small distillery.

The same goes for me. I am not one thing. I’m a real estate broker and also a husband and a sailor. I am also a self-described word mechanic. I work at my craft and that is what this site is all about. Every day I peel the onion of life. Like Jefferson I see the layers of daily experience swirling on the stage before me. These pages are my take on that daily performance.

What is the Distal End?

The distal end is an anatomical term. When being fitted with my prosthesis they refer to the point of attachment as the distal end. In a metaphorical sense my writing is the point of attachment to my mind. The writing performs the same prosthetic task for my mind as my mechanical arm does for my body.

I hope to move you in some way with my writing.  I really enjoy hearing from you so please comment on any of the stories or essays you see here.

-Doug Kuett